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i have a 1998 NA-T with VVTI.

i've been debating on what to do now that im NA-T. i hate the cross over manifold and was thinking to replace with a FFIM but a price of one of those is just about the same price as a 2jzgte VVTI motor.

What should i do? i know the swap is more involved which is fine cause i could just buy the motor and take my time with the build and have my car to drive at the sametime without any downtime until i do the swap. The only reason i would go with the VVTI motor is cause its OBDII just like my car. I have heard that the engine harness and ecu from a 2jzge VVTI will work on a 2jzgte VVTI as long as you have something to control fuel like a FIC (piggyback) which i have.

if your thinking about why not use the ecu it comes with, my answer to that is inspection. Although i have a guy that passes me i think he at least has to connect to the original ecu from my car which reads my VIN number, which truthfully not sure how accurate that is. I would also love to use the TT tranny as oppose to an NA but im not sure if my ecu can control the TT which i think it can because my tranny is electronically controlled like the TT but im not sure (has anyone ever tried this on an OBDII car)

So what do i do?

aiming for 450whp - 500whp and whatever i might want in the future.

Also for those who don't know the 2jzge VVTI came in the following cars if im not mistaken
98 NA supra
98-00 sc300
01-05 is300
98-05 gs300
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