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Ok maybe I'm just lazy but I figure why not post up here and maybe someone will be able to help out.

Ok so when I first got everything up and running (NA-T, OBD1) with the MAP-ECU, tuning went pretty well... WOT above 3000rpm is between 11.3 and 10.5... still have to smooth it out a bit.

However probably about 2 days of driving after I tuned the car, my idle starts going lean after it warms up. From a nice 14.6/7 to 15.5-16.2 at 800-900rpm?? Additionally, with this leaning out, it sounds like the motor starts missing? The RPM needle is rock solid, but it can clearly be heard in the exhaust, and felt because the motor vibrates whenever the "miss" sound occurs causeing the entire car to vibrate? Checked my front two plugs because I'm lazy (plan on checking the harder-to-get-to rear plugs this weekend) and the plugs looked fine...

Only thing I can think of is that I'm getting a weak spark, but if that were the case; why when the car is completely cool would it idle fine (AFR back to 14.6 and no "miss" sound)? :dunno:
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