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the story: i went to opening weekend at great lakes dragaway, this being my first time running AEM at the track... ran some decent times and some hideous ones

the car:
'95 supra turbo auto - stock twins, bpu with AEM EMS, UEGO, front mount, cam gears (100 motor octane fuel)

the problem:
@ roughly 3000-4500 rpms in the top of 3rd gear the car approaches 20+ psi
at this point i feel a cut (somewhat like a rev limiter)

diagnosis: AEM Log showed that the car ran extremely off the scale rich (but adjusting the fuel map did not improve condition)... my plugs are gapped down to .024 since i do not have an upgraded ignition... checked plugs, they look well, a tad bit black, but far from white

what is causing this? am i "blowing out" the spark? is it a tuning issue?

thank you all for your help
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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