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just posting my thoughts on this.

anyone have the actual numbers of an 82 mustang 5.0 GL model. at the lunch table i eat at((in High school)) this guys got that kind of mustang. so anyway, he REALLY, and i mean REALLY doesnt like to be proven wrong and wont admit when he is. so i asked him whats the hp. he says 240. i did some checking earlier and i said to him, really, thats funny, cuz the mustang gt registry says its got 157hp and he wont believe me...claiming some form of BS each time. so i finally said ok whats it do 0-60 in? hes like" 5 seconds."

at this point im really laughing to myself. suuure it goes that fast. i believe the 0-60 time is around 8.0-8.1 seconds on it. his most commonly used comeback to me is "im sorry its not a supra" cuz theyre like my fav. car. further proof he's got no story. now im only estimating...but with the post the other member made on here is 0-60 for my sup is 7.23 sec. and with an airfilter improving my top guessing i'd probly hit 6.9-7.15 ((judging by my butt dyno)) :D . so what do you think? should i further force my point down his throat by challenging him to a race in my 7.0 second to sixty car and then see if he's doing it in 5 seconds.
OH by the way. his most proud claim about it is "my car is completely stock, all the way down to the tires, and its only got 3k miles on it" props to him for having a car such low mileage but its still a mustang thats for one not the best looking and two , low on horsepower; unless my source of info was wrong. whaddya guys think. race him or let him think he's got 0-60 in 5?

no flames please . i like supras and stangs, but gettin on someones case about how their car is theirs so they know know more than you and then claiming BS is unacceptable by me. just looking for some input((times on the car and general input.)) thanks guys.
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