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Offical launched! Check it out!

724 Views 3 Replies 4 Participants Last post by  sweetlikechutny is committed to showcasing cars and more all over the world with the GTE powerplant. Whether your GTE powerplant is in a dragster or a canoe, we want to bring inspiration and innovation to all GTE performance devotees by connecting you with imaginative ideas and crazy creativity to make some of the biggest power in a GTE engine.
This site is designed to be a reference for those GTE owners, who care to see how they 'measure up' to the best of the best. People are now starting to fully understand that the powerplant is the heart of the car and sometimes you just need to decide what engine you want to pump the lifeblood. There are many choices of engines but it depends on your goals and expectations for your car. Is it a race car and you want some smokin’ power? Or is it a daily driver but you want some respectable performance as well? The GTE engine will do it for you, whatever your desire!

These engines are pushed to test its strength many times over. Browse through the site – it will be updated as the member database grows. You will see a variety of different vehicles that will amaze you.


PS: We are working on a cool shirt design for the site and will be from 500RWHP+ or if you have will also be available.

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I'm not quite ready yet, but you might have seen me at the track friday sept 7 as you would have been racing your supra at the same time i was lined up. I have no idea of HP yet but will let you know when i tune and dyno. Tho im not sure i will get 500hp out of the setup. 89 white Cressida 7MGTE
curious i went to the site no 3sgte? hehehe jk jk... nice site man...
only a canadian could think of a gte powered canoe..hmm..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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