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I am looking to put some new wheels on my car and I was looking at enkei rpm 2's, the offset for 18x8 in the front are 35 or 45, I was planning on a 255/40/18 in front. Stock offset is 50 with stock wheels with 255/45/17, does anyone know how many inches, cm, or mm,off that would be compared to stock, I just don't want to purchase the wheels if the off set is going to look odd. THen I was planning on getting 2 more 18x8 and getting them widdened to like 18x9.5 or 18x10 from a place here in Dallas, which I checked into and they are pro's, and go with some 295's tires, and then I have to find out what the offset will be on the rear after they widen them. Can anyone help me out to see if these offsets are going to be F#*ked up.
thanks JORDAN
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