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Offset on wheels

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How do I find out what the offset on my wheels are? The are 5Zigen 5ZR 18x9 and 18x10's. If you can help, please do. I'm wondering because my back wheels looks fine, but my front wheels sit "IN" the fender wells a little and i want them to fill up the whole thing. Im going to get new wheels so I wanna make sure to know what to get. Also, I'm going to sell mind, so I would like to tell everyone what the offsets are. Thanks in Advance!!
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Well, I think the only thing you can do is to check if the Offset is written down on the wheel.


1890 +24 +32 +37 +44 +45
1810 +39 +44

These are the Offsets for the 5Zigen 5ZR wheels you have, maybe you can figure out. (source:
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