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TOO broke MK3
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ok so i blew my egr cooler so i decided to get a block of plate and remove the cooler...

since i had some extra cash i decided to get other suff.
-i just install a bic 3" dp
-lexus v8 electronic BUT in a stock afm body..(i didnt install the lex body since i didnt have the 550cc)
-stock intake(i bought the wrong intake adapter.

anyways so i started up the car today... the exhaust is hella loud at idle(b/c i was running an open 3"bic dp).. nice rumble... so i decided to take it for a test drive....

everytime i try to shift to second gear it wouldnt shift to second but it shift to 3rd freely..

the car has not been running for about a month, but b4 i park the car to fix it when shifting to second all i get is a little kick back but still able to shift to second....
is my tranne done?

also after going a block i decided to take it back home(to loud)and couldnt shift to second...

so i park in it my garage and when i turn it off alot of blue smoke was out...any1 have any idea on how to fix this?or even know what could be wrong with it? its comming out off the dp thats all i know...
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