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I'm pretty certain the oil seals on my turbos are shot, I boost, let off the gas, hit the gas again, and get a nice cloud out the exhaust. Never the less, I'm just making sure it's not oil getting into the intake, as it's cheaper then replacing turbos.

I installed an oil catch can between the exhaust valve cover, and the intake piping going into the turbochargers. Is this the correct location?

I ask this because I think that oil is actually going through the pcv valve on the intake valve cover, and right into the intake on high vacuum. The valve IS new (2JZ PCV valve), but this would only help oil from being blown into the intake piping. When the engine is under vacuum, what's stopping oil from being sucked right into the intake manifold?

I put a clear hose between the intake valve cover, and intake manifold, and can see a little oil in it.

Should I maybe put the catch can between the intake mani, and intake valve cover? Or leave it where it is?
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