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Well after reviewing stu's thread (with lots of great info **VERY GRACIOUS**) I decided it was time to make some changes to the mk4 since i've been lapping and having heat problems in the oil.

I was initially going to buy everything stu had, but I already had a 24 row B&M cooler (ironically made in Canada by Long yet have to buy form the US) and a spare oil cooler which worked perfectly for the PS.

I started off by trying to see how to best mount the cooler, then i started looking for mounting points. I ended up using 2 points, one was a bolt that was just sticking out and nothing was bolted to it. Not sure what it was originally used for however, it worked perfectly for my purposes. The other was the bolt that the washer reservoir sits on. (see below)

I mounted the coolers both on a angle to catch the cold air form the break duct, hoping that they will have enough air deflecting though them.

I was unable to do the V mount like STU did because the coolers are bigger. I made some stronger custom brackets to keeping the coolers form jostling around. I bought some aluminum pieces from my local parts store (cdn tire) I was able to fab it up pretty easily since aluminum is pliable.

I've only test fitted the bumper but there seems to be at least 5-6 inches of clearance, and the PS cooler seems to be working well. I can't test the oil cooler until I get a sandwich/thermostat plate form Earls, which wasn't in stock at summit.

This was all brought about because of my recent lapping day event's. The car was reaching 130-140C oil temp after each 20min session.

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