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I was having oil pool under the air intake a few weeks ago. So I did a compresion test and then pressurized the the cylinders. The #6 exhaust valve would not close all of the way. So we took the head off and saw a bunch of carbon. I had everything cleaned, lapped, new seals on valves. Then we put everything back together. New MHG and I removed the EGR (which was bad anyway) Run for 250 miles, no problem. I had the boost control set at 11psi. I made numerous pulls at 11 psi
Today I started going back up to 15 psi, I set the first stage at 13.5 and the second stage at 15. I had 4 or 5 pulls at 13.5, on the last pull the car starting bucking and puffed out some smoke, the smoke was grayish. I took it easy and drove home. When I open the hood, there was oil pooling under the air filter, again. Dam!!
I also notice that the coolent overflow had overflowed. I had filled it about an inch above the full line by accident. But I would not think that would make it overflow.
Six monthes ago Sp had replaced the turbo oil seal, it may have gone out again.
I will be doing a compresion, leak down and repressurize the head. Is there a way to pressurize the turbo to see if the seal is holding???? Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks.
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