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Oil leak from head

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I replaced the head gasket a few months ago. Since then it has been leaking oil from the front of the motor. I took off the timing cover and ran the motor and I can see it leaking out from where the head and block meet in the front on the passenger side.

When I installed the gasket I read in the book that you have to put down a bead of rtv or fipg in two spots on the front, and I did, so I wonder is there anything special you need to do or what the deal is? I am going to get another hg and re-replace it but I dont want to go through the same problem again.
Otherwise everything else is fine, no oil/coolant mixing, no overheat, etc just the external oil leak in the spot I mentioned.

And yes I cleaned the hell out of the block and head surfaces... :)

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I would take a look at the cam gear seals and re-rtv the cam caps.

Thx for the info, but that is not it unfortunately. I cleaned the area off and can see the oil seeping out right at the head/block mating seam on the pass. side.
Was your block decked? The rear timing plate has to be decked with the block. My guess at 1 time someone had the block decked and forgot to get the timing belt backing plate cut too.
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