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Hey Guys,

I picked up a Garrett based 61mm turbo from Limit Engineering in AZ..

I need to purchase oil lines for it....

I currently have the Greddy T78 kit and will be swapping to the smaller turbine..

Can anybody give me a parts list I will need to purchase? from or

Best Regards,


·, look under there T4 turbo stuff, there's alot listed fitting wise for the gt garrett turbo's, etc... I'm pretty sure they've got part numbers and are fairly priced..

But you want the following

about 26" of -3an oil / stainless braided line for the oil feed

maybe 14-16" of -10an line for your return

You can get a T4 turbo fitting and a 45 degree -10 bulkhead fitting for the turbo side return.

These are just estimates as I'm not in front of the car at the moment... hope this info is somewhat usefull.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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