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oil pressure goes down when i boost?

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my oil pressure is always kinda low, hovers just above 0 once its warm at idle. but i just noticed somethign else thats really bothering me, whenever i boost my oil pressure goes way down, and then when i let off it goes back up again. whats going on? if one of my turbo oil seals was bad, could it be possible to only leak under boost, or maybe its leaking all the time causeing low oil pressure and just a lot more once i boost? im thinking its the seals becuase i get a little oil on the lip of the turbo, but maybe its the pump.

btw, i have an after market guage
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ummm thats really really odd, i go from maybgee 30- 80 psi dependingon rpm
um, if you had an oil leak, so large the oil pressure when down when you were boosting, you would create clouds! but im not sure what could be causing the oil pressure to go down...hmmm
your right, i do get a little black smoke when boosting but thats just running rich, and im not loosing oil. maybe it's time to replace the pump :mad: the boost thing is really weird though, i did a search and one said it was just low on oil, i just checked mine and it was fine but my oil is really clear, i'll try it again this time after taking a hacksaw to that damn dipstick.
i would have guessed you were low on oil. At high rpms it pumps more oil and if you're low, it wont give the oil enough time to cycle back down to the pan.
could be a clogged pick up screen. you can have enough oil but if the pick up can't get it to the pump you don't get any pressure.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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