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Sounds odd, but did you remove the pulley? and the crank gear? did you install it correctly? is the T belt correctly installed? I'm assuming you also removed the crank sensor? did it get damaged? did you inspect the timing belt tensioner? there is no calibration of oil press sensor. never heard of that! turn the engine on, stand over the engine bay, be careful , wear goggles and gloves, with a bright light, look at all the components. The oil pump is driven by a couple of gears and a pressure spring with a ball in it, to regulate oil flow through the galleries. If anything was damaged , prior - you would never know , unless you pull it apart- also make sure all the surrounding bolts to the engine face plate from the oil bump assembly is tight , and nothing is loose- if any of the bolts are loose or bottomed out, it will shake the assembly - Of course check all this while the motor is at a stop :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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