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ive been looking around for some pipe to use as an oil return; found some that perfect shape size, but its galvanized steel thats pretty low grade/quality. once cleaned out, welded on and wrapped in fire insulation will that stand up to the heat of being under my manifold/turbine housing? or should i get a peice of high quality aluminum or steel? i think the peice i got is for electrical conduit found at a local hardware store for about $ .50.

the problem is that i cant use any kind of hose, the bearing section of my turbo sits very close over the collector. If i try to use oil hose it either bends to the point where the hose kinks, or touches the manifold. I was thinking of getting a 45 deg. russel fitting, taking the line away from the mani then just using braided line..but that a little spendy if i cant just run a hard line half way down then use the hose the other half. with that steel galvanized pipe it is shaped perfect to go around the mani and down toward the return, at which point I can just hook up the old oil hose to it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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