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I am about to redo my Oil system with a relo kit, Na adapter, B&M oil cooler etc and supporting pieces based on the Famous Larry A graph. I only have a question, I did my search, and understand that I will be switching my Oiling system to a full flow one, and not using a relief valve to send oil to the cooler anymore. I do understand that i need a oil thermostat so that the oil can get to at least operating temp before the full flow goes to the cooler. Now to my question, I live in Miami florida, and the coldest we see here is the 40s and thats rare, or only last 2-3 days.
Do I really need to run the Oil thermostat? I have a turbo system thats NOT water cooler.

Bonus question, If I do need the thermostat, i am looking at the B&M and the Permacool one, Is one better than the other besides price?


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Well, the thermostat is going to help get your oil warmer faster, but your right, living in a warm climate like Florida, it's sort of overkill. Your oil will take longer to get up to temp, and that could cause you problems over time.
There are lots of reasons why your oil needs to get over 180f as fast as possible.
1) Easy to pump, so your fuel economy improves.
2) Designed to lubricate best at hot temps, so your addtive package does it's job correctly.
3) Vaporizes any water in your oil, the largest enemy of oil is water, and that water boils off at 200f or so. (It becomes very frisky at 180f, but is gone at 210f for sure.)

The oil killer is someone who drives 5 min to work each way, and then parks the car. They get it just warm enough to cause condensation inside the motor, and that water is added to the oil every time, every day. Best thing you can do is drive your car 15min or more every trip. This allows most vehicles to come up to full temp, and clean out any water in the engine/oil and exhaust. (Exhaust rust out is less of a problem now with most cars going to stainless systems, but water is still a problem with your sensors.)

If you don't drive more than 5 min each way, take your car out for a nice 20 min drive every weekend and burn off all the water in the engine oil. (Drive it like you stole it, and it's even better as your engine warms up and really vaporizes the water in your oil quickly.)
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