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ok!conflicting reports here-->hks ez

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is a safe and proper install supposed to be hooked up to the pressure tank or not.ive run searchs on the install of this unit and some argue not to hook it up to pressure tank while others say if it is hooked up to pressure tank that it will ruin number 2 turbo?so what way is right?please respond as today is thursday and saturday is my first time at the track i need this thing working and working right.thanks.
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i hooked it up thru the pressure tank and i have no problems what so ever. I figured since they were instructions from HKS, its probably the right way to hook it up. the only thing is when i have the boost controller off, i won't fit full boost till 4500-5000 rpms. When its on, it hits at i just leave it on :) i hope this helps.

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