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im doing a harness right now and looking at the diagrams. im seeing pins 9, 21, 22 as being optional from the IH2 connector. it says they are for use with the hydrofan ecu and setup.

apparantly these pins dont transfer directly over to the MA70 B2 connector. but how do i let engine communicate via these pins to the OK monitor ecu and Hydrofan ecu?

for instance, pin 21 of the IH2 which is blue-black is supposed to transmit the Hi-lo pressure switched path to ground to thru IH2 into the Hydrofan ecu. power comes thru the hydrofan ecu, into pin 21 of IH2, then is SUPPOSED to go thru the jza70 body wires to the hi-low AC pressure switch, which controls the path to ground. i guess i need to find a way to allow this pin 21 to communicate w/ the ma70 hi-lo ac pressure switch. i have a feeling this supposed to change the pump pressure to the fan to adjust the fan speed according to the AC pressure switch. i wonder if the car might overheat w/o this pin hooked up and the AC on....
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