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Well... i have had my supra on the road for about 2 weeks.... all of about 300 miles on the new motor. The car started to overheat the first day i drove it as the fan clutch was shot.

Anyways... last night I woke up from a dream (which i remember quite clearly) about driving my supra around town and freaking out cause the temp gauge kept climbing and there was this weird light on the day that said 306 degree engine!!!! Oh and to make things weirder.... the car was LHD, but the dash was RHD.... realllly strange

Well here are some pics and my setup
Ross pistons 20 over
treated rods
Clevite bearing
ARP everything
Cometic HG
Perma cool oilcooler

60-1 upgrade
RC 550s
walbro intank
I still have to build my exhaust and downpipe and decided what i am going to do for an intercooler and hardpipes
the car is totally sstock ringht now for the break-in (minus the upgraded turbo)

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Pre 89 Love!!!

I too have had dreams where my Supe is being bad.......

Its a sickness I tell ya.
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