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Saw this meet on another forum and wanted to share since I might be going :)

Ok so a friend of mine told me about this meet so i went to the site to check it out

Its on July 18th and its open to all old school owners and anyone who appreciates this scene.

I know that there are a lot of old school guys on here ( corollas,cressidas,celicas,etc) so i wanted to see who would actually be down to go to this. C'mon guys its free and its in a secluded area. So we wont have to worry about shitty parking and ricer drive bys. its free and all you really need to bring is your car and maybe some snacks for everyone to share.

This would be a good time for everyone to meet and greet. have a nice view of the bay, chill, take pics,etc.

any photographers should definitely come out. maybe we can get a dope shot of all old school cars mobbin through the bay bridge.

ITS FREE !! ! ! come out and kick it

here is the final address:

406 Palm Avenue
Treasure Island, Ca


NOTE amount of times the word "Free" is used...hahahaha

Yum old school carssss. Worse comes to worse.. Another day just to kill time in the city.

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I guess it show have been called a toyota meet.... But it's starting to look like it should have been another date. looking at all the other events that are going on that day. it would have been better if it was another day. I know of 3 events that will be held that day.
I am going to try to make this one also.
so that will be 2 supra/cels (supra engine celicas) there.

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Terry coming out huh? I get to meet you finally.

Just for everyone else this is a BYOBeef event or what ever you want. If you have a grill bring it if you dont there should be some that you can use. Understand this started out as a 1stgen meet and BBQ but as the word spreads there is just no way we can feed this many people. Please understand and we will gladly share the Grills and what we can with all. Come on out and have a good time and see some cars you may not normally get to see. And of course be respectful of the island no speeding, burnouts or general stupid behavior please we would like to return here in the future. Come out and have a good time.
Cary (1jzra21)
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