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First & Last Name -> GERRB DB
Email Add -> [email protected]
Phone Number -> 770 six nine six 3773 ( You can get hold of me faster with text messages .)
City -> Roswell
Zip Code -> 30075

Let me try to sell all these stuff as a lot on this ad and let someone get a good deal. Just talk to me.

Having bought another 6speed car from a friend with most of the performance parts all brand new, decided that my current 6speed project be restored to a completely stock 6 speed since it is a low mileage for its year and has no history of accident. All the parts I have collected for a built setup are for sale as a lot. The car will be worth more being stock in the future.The full roll cage had already been cut in pieces and is out so there is no turning back now.

So I am giving someone who wants to build high hp power train with top notch parts the opportunity to spend less. Most of the parts are brand new or either lightly used. And if you total them all , they will be well over $30k .

This ad is for the whole lot $20k . If you are serious talk to me .

$1500 ProEFI 128
$ 600 Gauges / Sensors
AEM Boost / Vaccuum
AEM Fuel Pressure
AEM Oil Pressure
AEM Air Fuel Ratio
$ 800 IGN1A Coils with Magnecor Wires / Coil Bracket

SHORT BLOCK needs assembly
$ 550 RealStreet Billet Mains
$ 300 RealStreet .300" Boat Anchor Wrist Pins
$ 400 ARP L19 Head Studs
$ 150 ARP Main Studs
$ 120 Oil level Stick / Housing
$ 100 baffle / oil pickup
$ 400 Rear Sump Oil Pans
$1500 2JZGTE Block / Crank
$1000 CP Pistons 9.0:1
$1600 Manley Tri-Beam Rods +625 bolts

$ 500 Polished Non VVTi valve covers with -10an fittings for catch can
$1000 TitanMotorSports IN 264 camshaft / GSC S1 EX 269 camshaft
$6500 Built / Ported Cylinder Head with ALL Ferrea Stuff, +1 valves and shimless buckets
Bare USDM Supra TT Non VVti Head
Ferrea Competition Plus F1496 +1mm Intake Valves
Ferrea Competition Plus F1497 +1mm Exhaust Valves
Ferrea Dual Springs S10045
Ferrea Titanium Retainers E11037
Ferrea Seat Locators SL1001
Ferrea Seat Locators SL1060
Ferrea Valve Locks K10037
Ferrea Valve Bronze Valve Guides VG1034 exhaust
Ferrea Valve Bronze Valve Guides VG1035 intake
Ferrea Valve Seals VS1008 exhaust
Ferrea Valve Seals VS1009 intake
Shimless Buckets

$1500 Weldon 2345a fuel pump, Weldon 1400 controller and Weldon pre/post filter
$ 500 PTFE SS Braided fuel lines / fittings (3 x -10an lines)
$2500 FuelSafe Fuel Cell (will itemized what is inside the cell for buyer)
$1000 Siemens Deka 2433cc
$ 250 Fuel Rail
$ 250 Weldon Fuel Regulator
$ 100 Flex Fuel Sensor

$1800 Titan Motor Sports Intercooler with Dual Loop IC Cooler System (loop,solenoid,line,bottle)
$ 400 Dual Tial Blow Off Valves
$1000 Intake Manifold (Upgraded Plenum) / Wilson Throttle Body
$ 300 Supra TT IACV
$1800 HKS Exhaust Manifold with 60mm HKS wastegate
$3000 Precision PT-7675 CEA JB .96 a/r and Brand New PT-6766 CEA JB .96 a/r turbo
$ 500 4" downpipe / midpipe
$ 500 Super Drager Exhaust

$ 350 ATI 2jzgte Crank Pulley
$ 200 Supra TT 6speed Accessory Belt Tensioner with strut
$ 200 2jzgte Billet Timing Belt Tensioner
$ 150 200amp alternator
$ 100 PS pump / reservoir
$ 100 AC Compressor
$ 50 Clear Cam Wheels Cover
$ 150 Chromed Cam Wheels
$ 300 Chromed Upper Radiator pipe,Chromed lower radiator pipe,Chromed Cam Wheel Back Plate,Polished water neck

$ 500 Koyorad Radiator
$ 75 1998 Supra TT Fan Shroud
$ 180 Dual Fans for the TT Fan Shroud
$ 150 Clutch Fan / Fan Blade

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No takers for the lot ? Pretty sure if I start parting this out I will get that $20k .. .your chance to save well over $10k.

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Saving this in case you start parting out.
I will start parting some of the parts for which I have two of them and all the rest that I am sure won't use.

For those asking pictures , check my build thread.. most if not all the parts are on that build thread . I have started returning it to stock


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As soon as you decide to part out, I will buy the proEFI. I also messaged you on FB haha
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