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Toronto Canada

For Sale One of a kind head turner 1989 Supra Targa N/A 5 speed

for pics everything is the same except i now have 86-88 clear corners not the 89+

grey interior
Custom Golden/Yellow Paintjob
Bomex sideskirts and rear molded skirts
Front Onderground bumper with 86-88 clear turn signals
couple of cracks on the front bumper
RARE JDM sunviros on the rear hatch
RARE JDM rain guards
RARE headlight covers, hoodscoop
MKIV rear spoiler
Lexux GS300 17" 5 spoke rims 225 front 245 back one back tire completely new since one blew up, about 25,000 on the other 3 tires (Fuzion ZRI's)
rear shocks about 25,000 on them
rear stabilizer links changed not too long ago
RARE 4.56 differential from Japan (wines a little) still have the original 4.3
300 watt mp3 player sound system with boombox
oil changed every 3000km
no rust only tiny bubbles on 3 of the fenders , barely noticeable
rust proofing done in 2005, don't drive it in the winter only on dry days, or when i absolutely have to

What's wrong with the car

when i got the car i put in a JDM engine and it looks now like i've blown the head gasket, i get white smoke coming from the exhaust,
-no heat, i have a new heatercore but it needs to be installed,
- usual knock when shifting gears probably the spider gears
- driver side inner tie rod needs to be changed i think it makes noise when u turn the wheel
- rear shock plate needs to be replaced also making funny noise when driving

that's all i can think of right now

send me your offers to [email protected] that's also my MSN
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