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I want a strut tower brace but can decide which one.

1. Greddy Front Strut Tower Bar -Cheaper, but looks kind of weak? Anyone have any complaints?

2. Cusco- looks stronger , cost more (worth it?)

(I only want to spend about 100)

Performance? (Could you tell a difference after installation)

97 TT

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front strut bar

I have the greddy-trust front strut bar.

For the cost, I must say its pretty decent.

Its fully adjustable, chrome bar, the clearance is pretty tight. the bar leaves very little room for an aftermarket intake and sits directly on-top of the "throttle-cable-pulley-stand" -- if its not physically touching it, its damn close.

Its not weak at all, just a little akward when installing, you hafta play with each side, screwing/unscrewing to find a snug fit across both strut-towers.

Hope this helps!

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If I had to do it again, I would probably go with the Cusco. Of course, the ultimate is probably the TRD. But then again I know of a guy that unfortunately wrecked his Supra and the ultra-rigid TRD made the damage worse by pushing out the fender badly during impact!!! The TRD wouldn't give...........
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