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opinions on a couple products please?

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-Centerforce Duel Friction Clutch vs trd clutch
-Cross drilled rotors vs Cross drilled/slotted vs slotted rotors.
-sway bars
I guess thats about it. Just want to know which is the best bang for the buck. Peace
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Oh one more thing.
-K & n air filter vs Stainless steel air filter.
as shown
don't buy the centerforce dual friction
My Chance

Oh boy finally my chance to tell the Centerforce story: I had a Mk111 making 500+RW and Centerforce told me their clutch would take all of it. One day out and it slipped!!:madf: They would not warranty and I stupidly bought another one after hearing their bullshit story:bsflag: Four days out and it slipped.
I was breaking both clutches in at 10 psi (360Rw) gently and they slipped.
They didn't stand behind either clutch:mad: Finally went an OS Giken and it lasted two years and dozens of 11 sec passes.
I put a stage one RPS in my MK4 and made many 550+rw passes in the 11s pulled it out to put a 700+rw disc in and was surprized to see virtually no wear at all. Car dyno'd at 631Rw with the stage 1 held like a champ. Centerforce lies and RPS:bthumb:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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