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Opinions on Polk Audio db6500 6.5" components!!

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There are a bunch of great reviews up on Crutchfield about these guys:

I had never really thought much about Polk Audio because I'd always just assumed they were some mediocre company, but I'm always willing to give companies a try assuming they have bumped up the quality of their products.

With that said... 84 good reviews on crutchfield... Does anyone have any bad things to say about this or can anyone recommend a better set of speakers for around 150?????

I need better sound in the Evo :(


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polk makes great speakers.
Sweet cause I just grabbed a pair of the db6501s (the newer version) for $140 :)

I'm a very impatient person haha.
I just got a set of those too, and some db651's for the rear. I will be installing them next week.
Sweet cause I just grabbed a pair of the db6501s (the newer version) for $140 :)

I'm a very impatient person haha.
I like the newer version alot better. they're easier to install. the older version had stupid fucking screw holes. it was impossible to screw them in without affecting the surround.
How about the Polk Reference Series? I was thinking of going with a set of the RS in the front, with a set of Momo, carbon, or DB's in the rear.
I'm still workin on my install. It has been progressing more slowly because I've had to clean up a LOT of crappy wiring from the PO, and I also fabricated plexiglass mounting brackets for the front door speakers, as well as mounted the 1" tweeters into the door panels. Hopefully this weekend I'll get some good time to mess with it.
Got these installed (and db651's in the rear) and I've gotta say I'm impressed with the setup. I have not added my sub yet or put all of my interior back in so I'm not doing any kind of EQ stuff with it at this time. Sound quality is very clear, and these things actually have a little bit of bass to them as well - more than I expected after reading reviews.

Then again, compared to the stock 13 year old paper cone speakers, I'm sure anything would sound better. But I'm very happy with these.
I got these installed as well and for the price they sound mighty good! Wow. Not too harsh like my old Alpine Type Xs either.

I doubt there are many speakers better than the 6501s for the price. Highly recommended!
Polk makes an excellent product! I say go for it. You won't be dissapointed.
Ok, I've got these things all hooked up and tuned to some degree. I also got my 10" Polk sub installed and my Alpine V12 amp hooked up. I've gotta say, these speakers rock! I sat in my car for 2-3 songs at what I would consider medium volume while I tuned it a bit and after I got out my ears were ringing like I was at a concert or something!

The sound is very clear and the separate tweeters make a ton of difference. I'd say it was money well spent. Polk knows what they are doing.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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