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Hey guys, the tyres on my current rims are close to bald at the moment, and I've been contemplating getting some new rims.

The only thing is, i have two sets in mind. Namely a set of 18" Volk GT-Ns and polished 17" factory rims (We only have JDM supras in Australia and 17s were an option and didnt come chromed either).

Keep in mind, I will soon have a RMM wing (with cf endcaps and cf centre) fitted as well as the factory front spolier/lip (unpainted).

Here is my car now with my current set of rims:

I'm getting bored of these rims to be frank.

These are the GT-Ns I'm interested in which is for sale by a sponsor from the Australian forums:

What does everyone think about gold on silver?
I know for a fact they'll look hot if i paint them black if i do get them.

And here are the polished stock rims which is also fro mthe same seller:

What do you guys think? What are your opinions on which rims I should get?



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lay-z said:
Thanks for the replies guys. Will the GT-Ns still look good o nthe car despite the lack of dish? I love the design but diiiiiiiiissssshhh = ftw :D
Remember man, being 2 (or 3?0 piece later on when you save up more $$, you can get them dished. Just take em to Simmons or someone like that.
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