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Opinions on this setup? Thomas? Anyone? Thanks!

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Howdy Folks -

I've been a member for sometime now, and have never posted in this section. Thought I'd see what the concensus was on the setup my tuners have installed for me. I should be getting the car back in about 3-5 days (after 6 MONTHS), but had the option to change the stereo if things we're exactly the way I wanted it)

The car, a 94 6-speed Supra has been through some "comprehensive upgrades" - single conversion, big AP 6-piston brakes, custom polished M5's, rollbar, Tein coilover, Sparco seats, paint, Top Secret body, etc. (Whew!!) I'll have the whole process on my site in the next few weeks - really amazing to see the progression. I'll also be road racing it (the thing that really excites me) in the middle of May.

At any rate, I wanted to upgrade the stereo, but not spend a HUGE amount. Wanted something that a substantial upgrade over the factory system (which was failing anyway) - but still good bang-for-the-buck. The initial quote was about $3K-4K too much from my perspective, but it included a very pricey Eclipse super cd/dvd/audio/video head unit, and while pretty cool, I'm just not into it.

So here's what's been installed, which I have not been able to actually hear yet (and this is from memory and a now unreadible index card :^) :

(1) Eclipse 55410 Head
(1) Eclipse DVC 88120 12" Sub
(1) Eclipse 5083 8-Disc Changer
(2) MBQuart Q Series 215.xx's
(1) Xtant 603X

- Lots of good interconnect and power
- New relays, etc.

They used two sets of the MBQ seperates from what I understand so it has 4 5-1/4" midrange(door and rear b-pillar) and 4 1" indivdual high range / tweeters) I don't know how they've powered everything - the headunit has some power, and the amp (obviously) - might be using the 603 for the sub, head for the other stuff? I've seen digital pics of the installation - looks fantastic! (Maybe I'll post some of those pics later)

So what does everyone think? I almost went with the upgraded head unit in the final hours, but could justify the extra $1500 - also, they originally spec'd out an additional Xtant amp. If this is nice and tight, and sounds better then stock, I'm OK - heck if it sounds as good as the stock setup in my GS300 I'll be silly :D

Seeya -
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Well its sounds as if you will be having a nice set-up but persoanlly i would do some small tweaking. I personally wouldnt be using MbQuart speakers. I understant that you using the Q series speakers which are a lot better then the other ones, but for the money you spend on the Q series you can have much better sounding speakers. I perosnally wouldnt go with that set-up, but it will sound good with a proper install. Install is the key into making a sound sytem sound the best.
Tom -

Thanks for the feedback - I can really vouch for the quality of the install. I heard a moderately priced system (<$5K) that was installed by one of the better shops here in Jax. Fantastic quality, lots of dynamic range - then I heard a system that was over 2X the expense, not even close. FWIW, they were both installed in import hatchbacks, so I suspect the accoustics were pretty close.

What would be your recommendation on speakers? Stay with something in the Eclipse line? I still could change the system in the final days till delivery.

Thanks -

IMO MB quarts are some of the best speakers out there. They are high priced though. I have been very happy with the eclipse mids and highs in my setup which will be less expensive than the quarts. Only thing I would suggest would be to find out for sure what is powering what. I would want an external amp giving good clean power to those high dollar speakers. Most headunits just dont have the power to make them sound as good as an external amp. Somewhere around 75-100 watts would be optimal IMO. You are going to love that 88 series eclipse sub btw! It can take alot of power as well so be sure to feed it well!! Sure sounds like you have a fantastic car there. Post us some pics soon!
Well it all depneds on what you want to spend for speakers. the best speakers i heard are the rainbow refrence speakers but they cost around 5,000. So we will exclude those. My favorite speakers for the money would be the focal utopia, The other good speakers are Rainbow Pros, Dynaudio speakers, im not sure of the models. Theyre is alod the diamond audio hex lines, but the only good spekaers they made were the 1998 series. All the rest is up to you, but i feel the most important thing is to have good front staging compared to subs, and Also, i dont run rear speaker do to the ruining of the imaaging. It can be done so that the imaging is realy good though.
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