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Ordered My Turbo Kit with an SP turbo

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Hey Guys...
Well, here are the news..
After getting all the help and advice from Dave I finally ordered my turbo kit. I called SP and talked to Larry and this is what I ordered:

- F-Max kit with no turbo and no injectors.
- SP-57 turbo Heat coated
- 550cc injectors
- The total price on this was $5,600

After talking to Larry we decided to go like this and get a little over 500hp which is what I want. Larry said that it will take about 4 weeks for the kit to be ready since F-max has to build it.
I'll let you guys know the progress I make as I install the kit and I'll take lots of pictures.
Dave has been the one person that has given me the advice and has helped me in every step of the way. He is definitely an awesome person. Thanks Dave !!
As you all know SP have been great too, they answered all my question and concerns and have given me a great service.
Now, my quest for a cheap VPC has began :)
Take care guys....

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Awesome Oliver... you are gonna love it.
DaveH said:
Awesome Oliver... you are gonna love it.
Thanks for all your help Dave.. :)

Quick question... where can I order a clutch for my car? I would like to be installing it as I wait for the Turbo kit.
Thanks :)

I ordered direct from Clutchmasters.
Congrats Oliver:D :D

Hey who is doing the install on the kit?
Thanks Dave :D

TRDSupraSE: Well, I wish I knew how to do it myself but I have few friends that have Single Supras and offered to help me out with the install, and ofcourse the NA-T God (Dave :D) said he will help me via e-mail with some question that I might have... Dave rules !! :D

I'll take lots of pictures and post them for future reference for everybody

Another quick question Dave... what kind of chip do I need for the VPC?
I'm already looking for one :)

The 550cc chip for the MKIII Supra. It's about $65 new.
wow, congradulations! looks like there's going to be quite a few NA-T's by the end of the year..:D keep us updated..
Will the f-max manifold and intercooler w/ custom piping be able to support over 500hp? Did you mean crank or at the wheels?

What PSI do you plan on boostin to achieve those numbers?
Thanks guys :D

Jaxin: I'm shooting for over 500hp at the wheels. I think the f-max manifold will support that much power. But I won't know for sure until everything is install and the car is running. But I'll keep you all posted with the results.

Congrats!! The NA-T scene is growing rapidly :)

What else do you need? Guages, clutch, vpc ....?
Good Luck Oliver !!!

I am in the process of ordering the rest of the stuff I need these next 2 weeks...

right now my car is on the lift...

stock intake maniffold's off, oil pan is dropped and cleaned, front bumper's off... gettin ready to do this... I'm kind of worried how it's gonna turn out though...

does the f-max kit you are getting come with an FMIC or SMIC...??
and what type of gasket does f-max give to you with their kit...

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congrats oliver
It comes with a FMIC and a 8.5:1 Compression Ratio Head Gasket

NJSupra said:

does the f-max kit you are getting come with an FMIC or SMIC...??
and what type of gasket does f-max give to you with their kit...


thanks for the info...

are you thinking about going N/A-T ??

I've been looking into adding a turbo on my car for awhile now, but it just costs too damn much :(

i have spent a lot already, and i don't even have everything yet... It also sucks to look at your car apart in the garage as it waits for more parts...
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