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Hi Curt,

I'm after the 97-98 style front indicators, and front turn signals.
I would like to know how much are they each. The ones under the headlights, and the ones near the front wheel.
And how much would shipping be for both to me in Brisbane, Australia.

P.S It's the same ones as in the supraforums logo, or for closer view here is link:

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81730-14170 Lamp Assy Rf Side List 21.20 Cost 15.68
81740-14160 Lamp Assy Lf Side List 21.20 Cost 15.68
81510-80086 Lamp Assy Rf Turn List 72.15 Cost 53.35
81520-80086 Lamp Assy Lf Turn List 72.15 Cost 53.35
81515-14390 Harness List 22.61 Cost 16.72 X 1

Same As In The Picture, Shipping 35.00 Global Express Mail
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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