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What happens when you put Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel in Brazil (really Puerto Rico) with a zillion horsepower, a hot supporting cast and very large, fully automatic weapons? Yes, you guessed it-one heck of an adrenaline pumping, gear shifting, eye candy packed ride. But wait. How could something so obviously awesome attain even grander reaches of intoxicating goodness? Gasp- can you say “IMAX.”* Yes sports fans, FAST FIVE is out this weekend and they are bringing the IMAX heat. Needless to say, every self respecting enthusiast will be on deck and what better way to get revved up for the blockbuster than an early morning emersion in the ultimate HD, 3D, IMAX experience that is The Orlando Automotive Club’s Cars and Café @ The Route 46 Entertainment District. It’s the only place where the breakfast is awesome, the lunch is to die for and FAST FIVE really comes alive.

Community Service
By now, the word about the Orlando Automotive Club’s commitment to charity is spreading but just to emphasize the point, we would like to remind everyone that:
• Recurring canned food drives & special initiatives meant to shed light on worthy causes like the natural disasters and help for needy children are a staple of the club and our Cars and Café meet. We are officially partnered with the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orlando and the majority of our collected cans contribute to the great work they do in our community.
New Sponsors
We are proud of our sponsors and are always looking for new and enthusiastic organizations to join our already exceptional group. These sponsors are a special group of business leaders who serve the incredibly important function of providing hundreds of dollars in raffle prizes for you, the motorsport enthusiast. However, if you have not been to one of our meets and have not experienced our raffle, you need to know that the key to winning a prize is giving back! In specific, for each can that you bring to the meet, you get one extra raffle ticket so do the math and give back!
Please remember that this month’s meet is on April 30th at The Route 46 Entertainment District. We look forward to seeing each of you at what promises to be an awesome meet.

-Orlando Automotive Club

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