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ok i took apart the cluster to replace the tach with a TRD tach but unfortunately for me the tach was the wrong one for my car.

So i put the NA tach back on. Then i noticed as im driving that rpms are going over 5000 rpm and its only boosting at about 4psi- 5psi.

i couldn't figure it out.

So then driving into work by accident i hit the overdrive button and what do you know the light doesn't come on. so i drive with the OD button in and out but its still the same.

Before when i use to be in overdrive and hit the button by accident to the off position the rmps would go high.

My conclusion is that the OD is not engaging hence the high rpms. My light is not flashing or even on for that matter. What could be the problem?

My car is a 1998 NA, i just thought i can get better feedback on here as oppose to the NA section. Thanks.
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