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fucking thing overheats ive got the 2 fans set to turn on at 70 degrees with the fluidyne radiator and it slowely climbs to 110 degrees celsius(230 fahrenheit) and at night it gets up to 102 in highway driving! max 4000rpms, ive changed the cooling system 3 times ive checked my timing, ive added another fan i can see the water flowing perfectly when i open the radiator i acelerate and flows like hell and in decel it overflows a bit, ive only got 3 things in mind,

1 BHG which i doubt cause the engine runs perfectly all cyl's are dry water is clean and oil also, goin to a compresion check on monday,
2 take out the thermostat if it has 1, any 1 ever had aproblemw ith thier aristo water pump?
3 the cooling system blocked some where in the block, which is what i think is the case here the water from the poopra was down right nasty and full of rust particules

do sc300's suffer from huge airpockets that could be it also cause im prety sure my radiator is lower then my engine, how would i try this out, put a jack and raise while the engine is on ?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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