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PA Reintroduces Bill to Ban Aftermarket Exhaust

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PA folk chime in. This isn't good news and we can still do something about it.


Pennsylvania Reintroduces Bill to Ban the Use of
Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

Legislation (H.B. 1330) that would effectively prohibit the use of exhaust systems other than a “factory-installed muffler” or a “muffler meeting factory specifications” has been reintroduced in the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives by Representative Michael K. Hanna (Phone: 717/772-2283, Fax: 717/787-4137). The bill has been referred to the House Transportation Committee.

Contact Rep. Hanna and Members of the Pennsylvania House Transportation Committee (List Below) Immediately to Request Their Opposition to H.B. 1330

* H.B. 1330 ignores the fact that aftermarket exhaust systems are designed to make vehicles run more efficiently without increasing emissions.

* H.B. 1330 fails to recognize that aftermarket exhaust systems offer increased performance and utility.

* H.B. 1330 would make it nearly impossible for hobbyists to replace factory exhaust systems with more durable, better performing options.

* H.B. 1330 perpetuates the erroneous assumption that enthusiasts who equip their vehicles with modified exhaust systems are involved in illegal street racing.​
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Also don't forget to put Rep. Michael Hanna and any of his "associates" involved in this idea on your list of voting out of office asap; and tell your family and friends not to vote for a**holes like this in government who spend time worrying about this kind of thing instead of doing what they were elected to do, something that would help most people.
Imagine the **** that come up with this shit? :fruit:
meanwhile Im paying close to $6000 in property and school taxes and I dont even have kids!! This kind of shit pisses me off!!

I will be writing my local politician shortly..
OMG what a bunch of bs. Crap like this should not get passed.
Holy crap, what would they think of next? I hope this kind of stuff doesn't find it's way over to CT. We have enough shit to put up with from some cops around here.
Here we go again,politicians want to choose for you.When is this shit going to stop.'s hard to believe they have the time to think about curbing aftermarket exhaust systems
I'm one for not seeing this bill get passed.... even though I live in S.Jersey. If it does get passed it might influence us across the river. I think we should start a petition. I think it'd be in the best interest of PA drivers on the whole of we came up with a mass signed petition. Does anyone have any experience writing up an online petition? Maybe we should have a meet @ Valley Forge / King of Prussia to have a petition signed? Please chime in.
Next time you see one of those ass hole kids with a big ass FART CAN on there POS car just stop and thank them because im sure there the reason why aftermarket exhuasts are getting such a bad name!
The thing is,why don't they go after all these bikes,Like harleydavidson and other.Which is louder than any cars out their.
i'm sure they'll appreciate my 3.5" straight through exhaust...definately meets "factory specifications"

seriously though, that sux donkey balls...time to make some phone calls
Yup! He looks like a damn tree hugging queer that likes to give :bj:
Shoulda known he was a Democrat.
If you see him , tell him to take his John Kerry sticker off the back of his car already!
So when the manufacturer quits making the exhaust for your car, you'll have to violate the law.

And this politician wants to clean the air yet he drives a V8 SUV or limo. GMAFB. Politicians are trying to pass emissions regulations responsibility on joe-consumer, yet they leave polluting industries alone. See what lobbying does for you.

Wonder if his bonuses are like that of DeLay?

James R
Thanks for the info jam98TT....
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