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I was wondering what exactly you had done to your stock turbonetic's turbo's. I have a turbo main seal that is starting to go out and I can't afford a big turbo right now cuz I just dropped 7500 on wheels, suspension, and a tranny. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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No one's really sure what was done to the Turbo because it was done before I bought the car, and Turbonetics has since switched to computer invoices and don't have/didn't want to dig through all of the old paper ones to find out. Plus they won't work on our turbo's anymore.

You really can't do much to the turbo's beside clip them which will give more lag, but more top-end allowing more exhaust gasses to flow through the exhaust housing. When people have tried to install larger compressor wheels, it would snap the shafts because they are too small to handle anything bigger.

You best bet is to either buy some good used ones (always questionable though) or get them rebuilt by Turbo City or some other reputable rebuilding company.

Turbo City 714-639-4933

Turbonetics 805-529-9499 (maybe they'll give you some ideas's)
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