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Paging "Wheel Boy" Steve Jarvis

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Steve, I am considering a set of these Manaray wheels from Taka Kaira in Japan:

Here's the deal: I will be running a different set of 17" wheels with proper offsets for road racing. However, I am needing a set of "street pimpin'" rollers for daily use. These Manarays are cheap, good-looking, and one-piece design. I want an offset that fills the wheelwells and gives me a flush-fit profile. I currently run Eibach Pro-Kit springs. If there are any clearance issues, my bodyman can trim the fender lips. I will currently be running these tire sizes:

P235/40ZR18 front, P275/35ZR18 rear

The Manarays are available in these fitments:

18X8.5 front, +35 or +45mm offset
18X9.5 rear, +35 or +45mm offset

I know I should obviously run the +45mm rear offset, but what about the fronts? +45 seems kind of deep for an 8.5" wide wheel. Will the +35mm wheels give me the wide-profile look I am after? I would imagine a +40mm would be perfect, but 5mm difference is only 1/5". :rolleyes: I think it would be okay, and so does Taka Kaira. Your thoughts, oh master of all that rolls? :D

Thanks for your help,
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quick question

how much and where did you find those, those are really nice and good choice.
I shouldn't say, or everyone will have a set! ;)
Are you limited to these tires? The 45mm offsets would work really well with a larger tire. You would be perfect with a 255/35R18 front and 285/30R18 rear with 45mm offsets front and rear. The tires would be a little wide for the wheels for optimal handling, but it would look fine and work fine for the street.

If they made a 10" or 10.5" rear wheel the 18x9.5" 45mm offset would be great for the front with a 265/35R18.

If you just must run the 235/40 and 275/35 and want to fill the fenders, than I would go with the 35mm offset front and rear. The fronts will work fine, but the rear will rub when hitting a bump in a curve (at high corner loads). Basically it probably won't rub enough for you to worry about trimming the fender.

I beg you, please run the larger tire setup, it is a Supra. :(

Later, Steve
Hahahahaha...... "Wheel Boy" That is pretty good:D
Thanks for the advice, Wheel Boy. ;)

I am actually VERY familiar with tire fitments and offsets. I used to work for Dicount Tire. I just am not sure what the best fitment is for MKIV's. Believe me, I would LOVE to run wider, 3-piece wheels and 30-series rubber. However, I am saving the big race rubber for the road course. No need for that kind of expensive rolling stock for me on the street. For me, the daily-driving handling improvements are not more important than the $$$$$$$$$. I can't believe there will be a HUGE difference between 30-series rears on a .5" wider wheel and 35-series rears on a .5" narrower wheel. You pay BIG money for that little difference. Besides, I already glide across puddles with ease with my present 9" rear/35-series combo! :eek: Add all the smokey burnouts, Illinois potholes, and freaky midwest weather, and you might want to run 15" BFG All-Terrains! :D Hell, I still have to buy Bogart rears and ET Streets for drag use after my T78 build-up. Geezus! I need to rob SW's house to pay for this shit! ;)

35mm rear offset? :confused: I thought for SURE you would say 45mm. Is it because the P275 tires won't rub if I run 35mm rears? Should I run 45mm to be safe? Or will it look goofy?

Thanks again for the help, Steve. I know you get asked the same questions constantly...
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Okay, Mr. Wheels-o'-Plenty:

I actually want these Work wheels. They cost more, but the red script on the rim matches my car! :D

Tell you what. I'll meet you half way. My girlfriend will never know the difference. ;) How about this:

18X9.0, +40mm front, P255/35ZR18 biscuits
18X10.0, +45mm rear, P275/35ZR18 gummibears

I know, I know, 285/30's would be the right height. But nobody makes a cheap one. And I'm talking Nitto 555R or Pirelli P7000 cheap. I need treadlife, baby! :)
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I will let Steve comment on the offsets, but that would be a much better size combo. As for tires, why not go with Kuhmos. Good performance and low cost. Still limits you to 275's in the back, but they have 235/40 or 255/35 for the front. They last a long time too, just ask Steve how many road course miles he has put on his set.


ps - I really like those wheels!
That wheel is much nicer than your other choice. I think your selection of offset and tires will be just fine. I agree with Kflee, buy the Kumho's. They are great all around tires and they last like iron. They are also available in the 255/35 and 275/35 sizes. The other plus that you will be able to run a 255/285 combo in the future if you want to.

All of this information comes at a price. I expect to see some pictures when you get them on your car. :)

Later, Steve
Thanks, Steve-o! Appreciate the advice. I'll post pics when everything is bolted up. Mmmmmm...Work Equips... :D
What about these? I am about to place my order "I think"...

Check them out on the Silvia!!! Dayyyuummmm!!!!

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They would look great on your car. The painted silver center would go great with a silver supra. What sizes are you thinking about?

See you Saturday,
After discussing it with "Wheel Boy" :D

I'll probably go with 18x9.5 (Front) and 18x10.5 (Rear).

I think the painted spokes should go pretty well with the silver of my car.

Looking forward to Saturday!
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