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Painting Cost

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My supra definetly needs a new coat of paint. It's black right now and I wanna make it a dark metallic blue. About how much can I look to spend on a paint job like this? I am on the east coast, the names of any stores will really help me out. Thanx.
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Anytime you do a color change paint job, in order to do it properly, expect to pay $3000 to $6000. I know that's a large range, but quality coorelates with price. I know someone who paid close to $8000 for a color change and it looks better than the factory (include engine removal, interior removal, all trim removal). If you want it just "done" and done right expect the lesser price range. DON'T EVER TAKE IT TO MACCO OR ANYONE ELSE WHO CLAIMS THEY CAN DO IT FOR ANY LESS! Your car will look like complete shit and be worth about $5000 less than it was prior to the paint work. If you are near Wilmington DE, I know two people who can do the job right (and it will cost you). Hope I helped in making your decision.
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