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to remove the knob... place a rag or something over it, then grab it with some vice grips or something of the sort and pull off the knob itself... under the knob is a 10mm nut, remove that and the dimmer switch comes out...

cigarette lighter assy... take the whole panel off... push out the center portion of the lighter (push the back and it will come out the front, i think there is a clip or somthing holding it)... then remove the remaining portion thru the front...

do not remove the rubber portion with any solvents, this will lead into spotting and an uneven surface... attack it with a course grit wet sanding sponge to get the rubber part off, then finish off with a fine grit dry sponge (home depot, bout $3 a piece)... make sure you use a flexible primer, so the paint doesnt crack when you remove and replace panels

in addition, if you plan on putting guages or any cut out portions of the dash, do any cutting prior to painting or sanding (makes life much easier)

hope i could help (and im very fond of HOK metallic paints on the interior, they look damn good :) )
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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