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Mk2 parts are difficult to come by , so I wanted to post some work arounds. Nothing more annoying than a manual transmission car and no parking brake . Rear shoes and hardware complete assemblies can be swapped from 2007 - 2010 Sebring and 2011 - 2014 Chrysler 200 2008 - 2014 Dodge Avenger. The only change is bending the hold down pins into the correct S shape. The Mk3 spring hardware , still available is not a good fit without re-bending so your better off with a new straight hold down pin (H7348 longer ones in hardware package ) to bend or use the salvaged ones if in good shape from your donor. The first bend about 1/4 inch is critical for the shoe distance from backing plate , the rest not so much. The bends are necessary to clear the actuator arm under the rear shoe. Cable from these cars can probably be used also if yours are rusted and broken. If just the end is gone from your cable get an aluminum Farrell from Home Depot and crush it on the end , I used a ball joint press , good and tight.
Fuel Tank : If yours is so rotten it can no longer be repaired and a used one not available.
Consider Dorman 576-850 for a carbureted early 80's corolla . Very close to the correct size and shape , the new steel will allow you to weld , braze or solder the necessary correct fuel pump opening to where the smaller pick up is. I recommend drilling out your rotten steel ring where the screws most likely broke and adding stainless steel studs made by inserting #10 ? stainless steel machine screws up from inside of tank . A used Forerunner pump assembly plentiful and cheap may be useful , If your metal is solid except for the lines , steel line can be bent and inserted and then weld , braze or solder at top and a brass threaded fitting added prior to flare or use a fuel line repair Help product . The corrugated fuel inlet most likely rotten can be cut out and replaced with exhaust pipe to the reused flange ( stainless steel screws again ), then attached to the upper gas cap section with rubber hose , radiator hose works well .
I hope this info can help to keep a couple of your cars alive and safe.
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