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Can I get pricing and availability on these parts

Rear Toyota emblem from a 94tt (grey color)
Rear "Supra Turbo" sticker (I think these were on the 97-98 Supras)
Front Toyota emblem from a 94tt (grey color again)

Can you also give me pricing for the Supra (no turbo) sticker on the back as an alternate to the Supra Turbo one.

I also ordered an air bag adapter from you a few weeks ago and promised to send you the numbers off of the airbag. When I got the steering wheel from the guy that sold it to me, it had a deployed airbag so I don't have any numbers on it. I will get you the numbers off of the new airbag when/if I get one.


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75314-14010 frt bumper cover emblem list 20.15 cost 14.90
75471-14010 rear center hatch emblem list 17.12 cost 12.66
75443-14180 "supra turbo" hatch emblem list 17.83 cost 13.19
The "turbo is seperate from "supra" but included with above, your choice the use or not
75441-14190 "toyota" hatch emblem list 11.86 cost 8.77
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