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Mkay, I decided that I'm going to rebuild from the head up. I'm no pro, so I don't even want to mess with the crank and pistons. I found the site that has the MHG, head bolts and wires that I plan on using

Anyone have any constructive things to add? I'll need the rest of the gaskets, so if anyone knows where I can get a gasket kit, that would be nice :)

I did searches, and all I could find were prices on complete rebuilds including rods, bearings, and stuff. All I need are the gaskets.
Probably not going to happen until spring, or at least when I have some days off and I get my beater running again. But, I need to know how much time its gonna take and how much money I'm going to dump. Don't forget, in the costs is the beer and porkrind quotient.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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