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-What is your First & Last name?:Joel Falcon
-What is your email?:[email protected]
-What is your phone number? :3056089321
-What is your City? : Miami
-What is your State? :FL
-What is your Zipcode? : 33145
So the time has come to part ways with my supra, i purchased this project back in feb 2008 and has gone through many stages since then.The car has many hard to find parts and was tastefully put together. I got into a fender bender and decided it was time to part it out and possibly start a new project. Here are some pictures of the car.

This thread will constantly be updated with parts as they are removed from the vehicle. Prices are FIRM, i am in no rush to sell these parts.

First up is the 1jz turbo kit. The kit is being sold a whole, i am not separating parts for the time being. $2500 shipped.
the kit includes:

-PT67 Dual Ball Bearing water cooled turbo. The turbo has about 100 miles on it, its practically brand new.(Turbo was $1900 new.)
-1jz T4 Drewgo Manifold (these are discontinued and extremely hard to come by)
-44mm X02 wastegate from driftmotion
-vband wastegate dump tube
-Driftmotion 3" Vband downpipe
-Mustang 5.0 O2 sensor
-10AN oil drain line
-AZ performance drain fitting
-4AN feed line with Precision restrictor
-Tial 50mm BOV and cold side intercooler piping.
-T4 turbo blanket
-Vband for downpipe, bolts, gaskets, and fittings for water lines.
-3'' intercooler (has a bit of overspray from paint but it can easily be removed.)

JDM KOUKI taillights $250 shipped SOLD
I purchased these from japan but never got around to install them on the car. There are some scuffs on the center garnish from shipping but seem to only be superficial and should sand and buff out easily, besides that there are no other scratches or cracks, these are in great shape.

picture of scuffs.

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CF spark plug cover $65 shipped SOLD
This piece i made myself and you will not find another one like it. It sits inside the spark plug valley and looks flush with the valve covers. It really changed the look of my engine bay. Hell ill even throw in the polished allen bolts which i purchased from driftmotion with it.

Aeromotive FPR with lines and fittings for 1jz/2jz fuel rail. $180 shipped SOLD
The fittings that go on the fuel rail are scuffed but the seal is good and it does not leak. The fpr comes along with the sensor for an electric fuel pressure gauge. (sensor alone runs about $100 if im not mistaken). The gauge on the FPR was purchased no more than a month ago to replace the old one.

Greddy catch can setup with -10 AN lines $125 shipped.
This setup looked kick ass!

Prostart alternator from pep boys. $100 shipped
This alternator was replaced about 5 months ago and has lifetime warranty, any issues you have with it just take it to pep boys and they will exchange it no questions asked.

Like new 7 blade fan clutch assembly $60
With my electric fan setup in Miami my car always seemed to overheat with the A/C on so i went to the fan clutch setup and not once did my car overheat. The fan clutch was purchased new about 4 months ago and i painted the fan black for aesthetics ;).

Titan cam gears 1jz/2jz. $150 shipped
These are the newer design, they look amazing, and very easy to adjust. Purchased new about 4 months ago.

JZA70 TWIN TURBO grill. $50 shipped SOLD

1jz/2jz Silicone hoses for mkiii. $50 shipped. SOLD
The upper hose comes with clamps, i cant find the ones for the lower hose. They looked great over the stock hoses.

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Stock 1jz spark plug cover $40 shipped SOLD

JZA70 JDM window visors. $125 shipped SOLD
These are extremely rare and hard to come by. Mind use these are over 20 years old and do have small cracks in the plastic but still look great and the stainless is in excellent shape.

VAFCII BLACK $150 shipped
Yes I know.... its a vtec controller, but it has all the same functions as the safcII which will allow you to control your fuel, and will also allow you to setup you vtec to 2500 on your jz motor =P lol.

Parts coming soon that are still not off the car.
-Racing Gear JTC N1 coilovers (only set i know to exist).
-1jz longblock LOCAL PICKUP ONLY
-Cusco front and rear strut bars
-R154 full conversion (tranny, flywheel, stock clutch disk, ACT pressure plate, slave cylinder, master cylinder, driftmotion softline, jz bellhousing, Driveshaft) LOCAL PICKUP ONLY.
-Front upper and lower control arms with energy bushings
-Soarer ECU
-Turbo mkiii brakes freshly painted silver
-NRG Quick Release Hun and tomei steering wheel
-Spotless dash painted black
-XXR 527 18x9.75 all around with tires LOCAL PICKUP ONLY
-HKS Velocity Stack
-1jz/2jz ignitor
-s2 airguide
-kaminari sideskirts
-JZA70 optional bilstein shocks
-Rush Antilag launch control
THE list goes on and on.... i also have tons of parts that are not listed If your interested in any of these parts or need any random parts please feel free to pm me before they are up.

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Lots of nice parts here. GLWS.

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would you sell you hvac control push button unit? pm me a price if you are

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Drive shaft is going with the tranny as a whole swap for now sorry.

The euro turns have one broken mounting tab, but are still held in by the grill, ill take $50 shipped for them.
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