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Hey guys, Being that i cant sell the 97 240 with a 2j as a whole, i am going to part it.
the car is running, driving, and is insanely fast! its even tractionless in 3rd gear! its SCARY!

im driving the car to my buddies house this week, and we will start tearing it down on his lift. im hoping by this weekend to have the motor out.

list of things im parting

Built USDM 2jz. bored .20 over. I have an auto meter oil pressure gauge on it ot make sure it has always had good pressure since first fire up. its been perfect! prolly around 1000-1500 miles total on the motor. doesnt leak, starts up every time. the USDM motor generally goes for 3500 or so STOCK. if anyone has built a 2J they know how expensive shit gets! asking $6000. obo
JE pistons
Eagle rods
new OEM bearings
new OEM oil pump
new OEM water pump
new OEM timing belt
new OEM gasket kit (full)
ARP head studs
polished intake manifold, and valve covers
powder coated cam gears
painted the block silver
aristo oil pan and pick up
tech 2 lightened pullies (polished)
tech 2 throttle cable bracket
550cc injectors and usdm cams (obvious because its a usdm motor.. just making sure its known)

im sure there is more to the motor that i am missing. just did a compression test, it came out perfect as well.

Turbo kit- $3600. obo
manifold and exhuast housing have high temp coating on them. it is falking in 1 spot though
WOTM 71mm turbo kit
Precision t4 71mm turbo with polished housing
HKS manifold
HKS wastegate
oil feed and return lines with fittings
HKS downpipe
4" exhuast made for an s14 using factory hangars at the rear. vband at the front. (for off road use only, as there is no cat. it is 4" all the way back to the muffler)

AEM EMS for supra. comes with 3.5 bar MAP sensor, and ait sensor. has a good tune on it for the above setup. $1500.

Swap kit and trans are pending, but in case those fall through

r154 trans
shifter extension
tech 2 clutch line
new slave cyl
short shifter with new shift knob

1jz flywheel
tech 2 act clutch kit
tech 2 swap kit (mounts, driveline, trans mount, etc)

Wiring harness for 97 240. converted for 2j. direct plug and play harness. wired by phoenix tuning. has rpm converter box, as well as speedo converter installed. so the harness service is $450. plus $80. per box, plus the cost of a good harness. so how does $800. obo sound?

greddy radiator for KA.
with FAL fans mounted to it- $500.

Precision 750hp core intercooler with piping for 2j swap and single turbo. has tial 50mm Q series bov on the piping as well. $1000. obo?- the pipes are 1 piece. so no chance of boost leaks iwth having 100 couplers.
will include tbolt clamps, and all hardware.

Tech2 2jz swap dvd. $15.?

97 240sx shell. 61k miles on the clock. SE model. power windows, locks, and sunroof
origionally a 5spd
tein flex coilovers with EDFC
Cusco sway bars
cuscto tension rods
cusco control arms
cusco upper control arms
bomex body kit (front end has some scrape damage at the bottom)
has autometer boost and oil pressure cobalt gauges in the pillar
eclipse deck
eclipse speakers (not hooked up, i took the amps and system out of the trunk. still have it if someone wants to talk about it. custom box for the trunk)
r33 brakes
z32 wheels. has autox tires on it now. getting bald, will need replaced.
8 stock s14 wheels. 1 set has snow tires, the other has 4 random tires.

the shell is in good shape. better than most being 12 years old! ill sell the shell for 6500. obo.

Email or aim is the best way to get ahold of me
these prices are all OBO. shoot me some offers guys, just please dont low ball me, you will be ignored.
[email protected] for email
kickertu is aim

here are some pics for you guys to look at- pics were taken when i put the motor in. parts should be in the same shape coming out. swap/

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if your willing to part out i would be interested in some of the trans parts / flywheel, etc. if so please PM me.

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i do not have a DLI. i just ran stock ignition.
i think i might list the car again as a whole to see if someone will trade, and if not, then i will part it out during spring break. i just dont haev time with full time school and full time work.
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