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Hey guys,

I have some parts left from my old supra. Im coming to Dallas TX from Las Vegas to pick up my truck from getting the suspension done. So I figure Ill see if any of you guys want/need any of these parts. I could work out a decent deal delivered to the Dallas area or anywhere along the lines of my drive back to LV. If no one needs these parts then I will just fly into Dallas instead of drive down.

18" Racing Hart CP035 with tires. Tires have about 5k miles on them. The are Toyo T1r 235/40 and 275/35. The front runs small spacers. I wish I knew the offsets but sorry I dont. The only pics I have of the wheels are below.$1,300

4" mid pipe back straight through exhaust (straight pipe) painted black. Local LV exhaust shop fabed it up for me. $400

97/98 Tail lights- Pretty much mint condition$300

Complete long block with less then 4.5k miles. Here is a quick list of stuff on it.$4,400
-New stock pistons/rods/Bearings/Rings
-ARP L19 Head Studs, ARP Rod Bolts
-HKS 264 cams
-Crower Springs and Ti Retainers
-Pretty much all new stuff...Rear sump, baffle, oil pump,water pump,TB...Etc...
-Titan Crank Dampend Pulley
-Polished intake mani

RPS C/C Billet clutch set up- same amount of miles as motor. I believe it has 8mm of meat on the discs. $1800

The thing is I would need to know with in a few days if anyone is interested, if not I will book my ticket and wont drive down. Shoot me a pm and depending on what parts you would like we can work on the price.
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