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19in 795R HRE's FTW....
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I have some stuff laying around that I need to get rid of asap!

HKS Single Turbo Manifold Brand New $1700 uncoated $1875 Coated plus shipping

HKS T04R Single Turbo Kit Coated, Polished, complete $4000 plus shipping

HKS Type R FMIC Perfect shape, slightly used $1250 plus shipping

Rod Millen Stainless downpipe $150 plus shipping

HKS Super Dragger Catback Exhaust $300 plus shipping Perfect Shape

HKS VPC complete with HKS Harness $700 plus shipping

1600cc Injectors slightly used, just flow matched $500 shipped

I have more that I'll be posting up soon!

E-mail [email protected] for all inquires
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