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Hello everyone,

I have various Supra parts for sale that a few of you may be interested in. If you happen to see something you want, make an offer on it.

- (2) '86 non-turbo,5spd ecu's
- (2) '86 non-turbo,5spd wiring harnesses (harnesses are for the most part complete except one small connector on each is missing, the one missing is different on each harness but there is only one missing on each. I'm not sure what they go to because I removed them a while ago, but i can furnish pictures if anyone is interested)
- '86 non-turbo fuel rail, with injectors
- Alternator, from same '86 car
- I also have 5 pistons with complete rods. Crankshaft also available
- Oil pump from '86 non-turbo
- Water Pump
- Rear Main seal (fairly new)
- (2) throttle bodies and intake manifolds
- Front bumper (bad paint, but overall good condition)

That is for the most part a rundown of what I have. If you see anything of interest make offer. I can furnish pictures of any of the above mentioned items. My email is [email protected]

Thank you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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