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I am getting ready to do a swap on my tranny and was reading over the manual to do so and i noticed that parts :
-SST #09350-30020(09351-32010)
-SST #09350-30020(09351-32020)
were said to be needed. It looks like its just for the converter clutch and drive plate inspection. Will I still need these if I am buying a new converter? If so how much are they?

Also i will need a new o-ring for the tranny filler tube.
(These are for a 93 auto turbo supra )
96721-19010 Ring, O List 1.71 Cost 1.27
Is that the right one?
Off the top of your head is there anything I would be forgetting as far as seals etc that I should replace when swapping trannys?
As always thanks for the help!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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