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Parts FS: 18" 3-Piece Wheels, 18" BBS Wheels, PE Accessory Belt, & PHR Cooling Plate

1. ACT Split 3-Piece Wheels (No tires): These wheels were on the car when I bought it, but shortly afterward went with the wheels you see in my signature. Found out these wheels are old-school German wheels and one of the first 3-piece wheels you could have bought for Supras. Stumbled across a pic from the video “Getaway in Stockholm 2” where the black BPU Supra is sporting these wheels. Not sure if any of this makes any difference to prospective buyers though. Just found it interesting.

Wheels are in good shape, with one wheel having some chrome plating chipped off.

I’m willing to meetup halfway with anybody that is within 3 hours from me (i.e. 1.5 hour drive for each party) for pickup.

Fronts are 18x8.5 with a 36mm offset (rolled fenders needed).
Rears are 18x10 with a 37mm offset (rolled fenders needed).

PRICE: $1,000.00 (or any reasonable offer) LOCAL ONLY

2. BBS CK 18” Wheels: For sale is a set of 4 used BBS CK wheels that were dealer options for the 2005 Avalon. Size is 18”x8” with a 45mm offset. I was planning to get them widened and powder-coated black but have decided to abandon the idea. Wheels have the same bolt pattern 5x114.3mm and wheel (hub) bore 60.1mm as a Supra and most Toyotas. One wheel has some curb rash which can be seen up close in the picture below.

As with the wheels above, I can meet anybody halfway for delivery.

PRICE: $800 (or any reasonable offer) LOCAL ONLY

3. PHR Polished Radiator Cooling Plate: Bought this used a few months back. Test installed it once and decided it won’t match my engine look, as I probably don’t plan to have any PHR parts on my car (well none that have visible PHR logos on them). Plate can use a good polish, but no scratches.


4. Power Enterprise Kevlar Accessory Belt: Bought this belt thinking it would match my Power Enterprise kevlar timing belt and Greddy blue couplers, but oddly they do not match. I bought a Gates Kevlar timing belt instead which matches better.

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