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Looking for some of the better mods for cod4 on pc. Anyone know of any of them? I dug up a few with some google searches, but there seems to be a serious lack of mods atm?

I'd prefer single player mods, or Co-op type MP maps. half-life2 is fucking awesome to this day because of all the mods out there. hopfully cod4 follows suit.

Anyway, anyone know of any good SP/MP coop mods?

thanks for readin, any help is greatly appreciated!

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Yeah hard to beat HL2.

Iamthebull you got it for 10 dollars new? WHERE?!?!!?
Best Buy has a deal if you're a Reward Zone member (Free to sign up), and then sign up for the Gamers Reward Zone membership (Also free), then there is a coupon out there that knocks a few good games down to 10 Bucks.

If you're not a reward zone member, then sign up here

Print off the temp reward zone card. Then go here to sign up for the gamers club reward zone membership.

Once that is done. Print off this coupon off slickdeals.

Then you're good to go. These are the games that are for sale with the coupon.
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (8790463),
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Premier Edition (9066217),
Crysis (8447326),
Crysis Warhead (8995536),
EA Sports 08 Collection (9050019),
FIFA Soccer 09 (9054836),
The Orange Box (8521192)

Plus you can pick up three copies of each game. As far as I know it's still active so if anyone is needing those games then do this!
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