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Hello girls and guys. Im from WI and about to trade my 05 nsx for an 09 GTR R35, it is black at the dealer calls APPLE BMW OF YORK. I would like if anyones that live around that dealer can check out that car for me in person. Please help me guys and im willing to pay for gas or take you guys out for dinner on tuesday. Here is my cell number # 414-731-4002 my name is Tri.
I had put down the deposit for that car so most likely im going to buy it.

Thanks in advance

The address is:
1370 Roosevelt ave
york, PA 17404

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I saw it in front of thier dealership the other day. looked really nice. Black with the hyperblack wheels and gold brake calipers. There is a performance shop right down the street that has a red one that they developed a test pipe for and have the cobb tuning system available.

what all do you want to know. I believe that they moved it inside.
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